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Van Ply Lining

Van Ply lining a van protects you, and your cargo whilst improving your vehicles resale value.

Our van lining kits are manufactured to the highest standards by cnc machine and by hand. Even if its for a newly registered van or a new to you van we use the finest quality WPB grade plywoods.

  • Ply lining - 9mm floor, 6mm sides, 9mm wheel boxes, 6mm door panels(where appropriate).
  • Full & Half bulkhead(optional).
  • Integrated cosmetic metal door strips.
  • All kits are silicone sealed.
  • On site installation at your location.
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    Trimming your Ply Lining

    We also offer a full or part trimmed van interiors in hard wearing vinyl or carpet, interior trimming & insulation and interior re-trimming available. Non-slip flooring and rubber matting are also available.

    Also see Van Conversions for more information!


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