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Giving you the ability to Park with reversing sensors and reversing cameras

Our range of parking solutions can be fitted to the front and/or rear of a vehicle at relatively low cost to protect against costly scrapes and bumps and to help reduce the stress of reversing in tight spaces. All sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour to ensure they look an integral part of the vehicle bumper, while setting adjustments can easily be made to accommodate a tow bar. On some vehicles we can also interface in an aftermarket system into the factory radio display.

Our range of reversing cameras take parking safety to the next level, enabling drivers to literally see what is behind their vehicle when reversing. Aiming to take the stress away from drivers constantly working in restricted urban environments and to reduce the hefty bills a commercial vehicle can run up in reversing related body damage.


Two and four parking sensor systems are available for both front and rear bumpers with audible buzzer alerts. Giving you different options on sensor type, displays and speed activation and factory switches.

Reversing Solutions

LED displays can also be added into the system giving you both visual and audible alerts.

Reversing Displays Background

Different types of parking or reversing sensors

There are a few different types of sensor available, large and small surface mount with angle adapters available and flush mount where they are fitted from behind the bumper giving you the factory fitted look.

Surface Mount

Difrent sensor types

Flush Mount

Flush Reversing Sensors Background

Colour Coding

All the sensors we supply and install we can colour code the sensors to match your vehicle bumper, no matter what the colour!

Reversing Sensor Coloured Background

Reversing Cameras

Our reversing cameras take parking safety to the next level with compact dash mounted colour screens, interfaced into aftermarket screens and rear view mirror screens enabling drivers to see what is behind their vehicle when reversing, a reversing camera reduces stress for drivers constantly working in restricted urban environments, and can minimize the hefty bills a commercial vehicle can easily incur in reversing related body damage.

Reversing Cameras Reversing Cameras

Vehicle Specific Cameras

Cameras made for your vehicle that take the place of your number plate light. They replace the number plate light giving i hole free installation. Where they replace the number plate light they also come with a light to replace the one that has been removed.

Vehicle Specific Cameras

Even for large commercial vans like the Volkswagen Crafter and the Mercedes Sprinter, this camera replaces the factory brake light and incorporates a new light with an adjustable reversing camera that does not require any drilling of the vehicle roof.

VW / Mercedes Reversing Camera Background

Reversing Screens

There are a number of different options of screens available; dashmount, rear view mirror mount and small 3inch monitors that can be hidden away out of sight.

Dash Mount Screens Mirror Mount Screens

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