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Protecting your motorhome with a motorhome alarm system

Your motorhome is an expensive asset and very attractive to thieves in the UK and abroad.

Almost all motorhomes registered in the last 10-15 years will have a manufacturer fitted or Thatcham Category (CAT) 2 approved immobilizer. If your motorhome has one of these, we offer a system that can upgrade it to a Thatcham Category (CAT) 1 security system. These can be added to all years of vehicle with or without excising remote controls.

The alarm monitors the motorhome's cab, bonnet, selected locker doors and the habitation area. A 'sleep' mode can be activated so the system can maintain perimeter protection whilst you sleep in your motorhome; meaning you can move about inside the vehicle without setting off the alarm. There are additional sensors available for your motorhome including gas, magnetic locker switches, proximity sensor and internal infa-red PIR. Even if you have such things as bike racks or luggage trailers, these can also be added into the system.

This is a system example of the wide range of sensors available for your motorhome

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