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iPod and USB Solutions

iPod and USB integration is available for most vehicles and enables the control of the ipod, iphone or USB device through your existing car stereo system whist charging the device as well.

Connect and charge your iPod, iPhone, USB mobile storage or MP3 player through your original car stereo. However some cars will give you limited control most modern vehicles will give you full control. You can control your music device from your car radio and/or steering wheel controls and view your iPod and USB menu on the original display of the car. Our iPod and USB adapters are a vehicle specific integration solution for iPod, iPhone or your USB device.

The kit includes everything needed to connect an iPod or iPhone to your vehicle’s factory radio system. The interface delivers great sound quality with balanced audio design and creates a seamless interconnection between the devices and the entertainment system of the vehicle. Text display is available on radio systems where CD text is supported. The interfaces also delivers integrated control from the radio, steering wheel, the connected device or from an optional remote where available

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Mounting Cradles

Mounting cradles are the ideal solution if you would want view your device on the move. Some cradles are available with a charging option that can be hard wired into the vehicle. Giving your device the charge it needs on the go.

No Holes Brackets

To save damaging expensive trims and panels we can use a no holes bracket to mount the cradle onto. They are designed to be installed and locate in between trims and fixed behind.

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