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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Cobra Asset Control is a fleet tracking solution which controls the cost and manages the risk associated with owning or operating business vehicles and managing drivers.

Key information about vehicle use is provided by web, email or text. Depending on the level of protection, vehicle mileage, trip reporting, geo-fencing, web location and excessive speed can all be tracked.

There are optional services for remote immobilisation and Theft Tracking on Demand, and the system is fully transferable between vehicles. Additionally Cobra's unique eFNOL crash alert system sends automatic alerts to per-defined contacts in the event of an accident.



Electronic First Notification of Loss (eFNOL)

Every Cobra Asset Control system enables you to be informed immediately when a vehicle has been involved in a significant incident. Cobra's world class telematics technology sends information from the vehicle black box which enables immediate intervention to cut the losses associated with a serious accident.

eFNOL Crash Alerts are unique to Cobra and they are a standard feature of every Cobra Asset Control system.

Key Features of eFNOL

Real Time Notification How eFNOL works

  • Alerts are sent to per-determined recipients by SMS and Email
  • Automated voice call only available on Cobra Asset Control Plus and Cobra Asset Control Lock down
  • Alerts issued within six seconds of the event
  • Business managers can control the consequences of an accident

  • Inform key people associated with the incident
  • Ensure customers are aware of the implications
  • Arrange vehicle recovery, replacement or other mobility solution
  • Take control of the logistics implications to the business
  • Reveal what happened

  • Levels of braking prior to incident
  • Speed of impact
  • Speed prior to impact
  • Duty of care

  • Protection for staff and customers
  • Peace of mind
  • Fleet Managment Background

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