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Day Time Running Lights

You've probably noticed those bright LED 'eyebrows' on newer cars, but why are so many cars being fitted with them, and what are they for?

As a result of European legislation adopted in 2008 dedicated daytime running lights (DRL) have been required on all new types of passenger cars and small delivery vans since February 2011. Trucks and buses followed from August 2012.

There is no requirement to retro-fit DRLs to existing cars and no Europe-wide requirement for drivers of cars without daytime running lights to drive with headlights on during the day.

Daytime running lights must be bright enough that they can be seen clearly in daylight and as a result are too bright to be used at night time when they would cause dazzle. Daytime running lights should therefore go off or dim down automatically when headlights or sidelights are switched on.

The Lights We Use

DRL 501 HP

This is a proposal for those who undoubtedly prefer beauty with a small amount of high power SMD diodes and is perfect for narrow spaces. Technically, this model is worth noting because of the latest technology of rejecting heat by using aluminium in the design. It is a competitive advantage of this model. In terms of quality, this model incorporates the OSRAM Dragon Plus LED alongside key Samsung components in the design.

NSSC DRL 501 HP Background

DRL 502 HP

This is a long- anticipated model and the NSSC brand have provided a product that's both generic and aesthetically pleasing in one elegant package. A differentiating feature of this model is the possibility assemble the 'LED Modules' in various patterns to provide a unique installation according to the customer's precise requirements, thanks to which the end result looks part of the car. There are 10 'LED Modules' in total with high power 1 Watt, SMD LED's in a standard set. Additionally, there is an option for the addition of 2 extra LED Modules per side (Sold in pairs) In such circumstances, an astonished effect can be achieved by locating 7 'LED Modules' on each side of the bumper.

NSSC DRL 502 HP Background

DRL 504 HP

The NSSC 504 model has been created for customers for whom full illuminating surface is the most important factor while choosing the DRL model. The NSSC company has achieved the effect of full illuminating surface thanks to placing diodes at the bottom of the lamp and combining them with a specially designed reflector. An additional advantage of this model is its deep casing, thanks to which diodes have almost ideal conditions to reject heat. Perfectly combined, the lamp's cluster lens is made of safe material (polythene) with the back side of the lamp made of ABS, allowing not only the product to gain a certificate of approval but it has also confirmed an excellent quality of the product.

NSSC DRL 504 HP Background

DRL 506 HP

As the DRL 506 model is one of our latest designs, it is also the most popular one. The concept is similar to the NSSC 507HP model of the same kind, but it is tapered and shorter to facilitate installation to rounded bumpers. Even though, thanks to its special reflector's stepped design, it can also be applied in cars with a flat bumper's structure. The SMD 1 W High power diodes with a big illuminating surface were also used in this model which perfectly emphasises light's dispersions with reference to the original DRLs' modules used in high class cars. Currently, the offered model appears in the newest technological version which definitely emphasises its quality for most demanding customers. In terms of quality, this model incorporates the OSRAM Dragon Plus LED alongside key Samsung components in the design, another key reason to understand why NSSC stands out from the crowd.

NSSC DRL 506 HP Background

DRL 507 HP

The NSSC 507 model is one of the latest and most popular designs introduced by the NSSC brand. This innovative design has gained a big interest among its users, mostly because of a well thought out lamp construction and unique shape. The reflector's structure allows easy assembly in many types of car models, both on straights and rounded elements of bumper without any loss in visibility. From the very beginning we've used SMD Diodes that successfully reject heat through the back side of the lamp assembly, providing another elegant and compact design from this prestigious brand. In terms of quality, this model incorporates the OSRAM Dragon Plus LED alongside key Samsung components in the design.

NSSC DRL 507 HP Background

DRL 510 HP

The NSSC 510 Model offers an elegant solution for installing into the space made available for an OEM fog light assembly or to replace an existing one. To further facilitate the installation possibilities, this system comes with two sets of trim rings (80 & 90mm) and a 'U' Bracket. Designed with 4 x high powered SMD LED's and a robust aluminium heat shrink radiator, it offers superb performance.

NSSC DRL 510 HP Background

DRL 523 HP

The NSSC DRL 523 model is ideally suited to the larger prestige vehicle with a curved bumper surface. This model is uniquely long, which means that a big illuminating surface directed at a certain angle is obtained. Its style, similar to the OEM line fit manufactured DRLs, is undoubtedly the advantage of the NSSC 523 model. In order to obtain an effective illuminating surface high power diodes have been used. The back side of the lamp has been made of metal thanks to which it behaves like a radiator and heat rejecter, offering superb performance and reliability.

NSSC DRL 523 HP Background

DRL 808 HP

The NSSC DRL 808 model is equipped with series and parallel circuits of 10 x SMD diodes. It has small dimensions allowing it to be installed in confined spaces. Characteristic features of this model are, low energy consumption and an attractive price for customers demanding a quality product at an affordable price.

NSSC DRL 808 HP Background

DRL 810 HP

The NSSC DRL 810 is a sleek design with compact dimensions, providing a good choice for challenging spaces. With a total of 10 x 1W SMD diodes inline, the aesthetics are good with robust performance offered by the Aluminium PCB and rear housing to dissipate heat.

NSSC DRL 810 HP Background

DRL 820 HP

The NSSC DRL 820 is a model with a special design. It contains 20 x 1W super flux SMD diodes placed in two rows. (ten diodes in each row) . The lamp is narrow and long with a flat illuminating surface. The full light is achieved while the diodes are invisible. Similar to other models, an electric light bowl is made of PE and the back side of the lamp is made of ABS. A high quality construction guarantees satisfaction and a long product life-span.

NSSC DRL 820 HP Background

DRL 824 HP

The NSSC 824 is one of our more interesting offers due to the unique lamp's 'Rhomb' design - and the subsequent achieved effect. This model is mostly directed to clients expecting spectacular effects. This has been achieved by the innovative placement of a total of 24 super flux diodes into the assembly, arranged in three rows which guarantees that the light fulfils the whole lamp's illuminating surface dynamically and fully. The LED lamp bowl, similar to other models, is made of PE material (polyethylene) and the housing of a robust ABS material.

NSSC DRL 824 HP Background

DRL 828 HP

The NSSC 828 uses high power SMD diodes combined with a rounded shape for the LED Module light bowl. This gives the design an aggressive styling suitable for customers requiring true sports car styling. Additionally, an innovative shape makes it easy to assembly. This model is equipped with a vent hole regulating temperature and pressure inside the lamp. The back side of the lamp is made of firm ABS, ensuring longevity and safety.


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